Valve-Galtek 1/4in check 1/4In - 1/4In (CK4-4F-4F-3)

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Valve-Galtek 1/4in check 1/4In - 1/4In (CK4-4F-4F-3)
VALVE-GALTEK 1/4IN CHECK 1/4IN - 1/4IN F. Corrosion-resistant Galtek® check valves reduce contamination potential in your high-purity chemical applications and provide clean delivery of sophisticated chemicals. O-ring free design reduces potential contamination. Simple, clean, compact valve with high flow rate and increased reliability. All wetted parts are molded PFA and machined PTFE for corrosion resistance and a cleaner overall process. No metal parts are used that could corrode or contribute to contamination. Poppet design allows for a high flow through rate and maximizes rinse ability.
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