Flushing the water chillers

Flushing the water chiller

This is a simple procedure to flush the process water loop on your S&A chiller. To perform this task the following equipment will be required:

 • An empty bucket

 • Distilled or demineralized water

 • A towel

 • A bottle brush


Frequency: This task can be performed on an annual basis or sooner if the water chiller shows signs of algae in the reservoir.

Please familiarize yourself with these instructions before starting the procedure. These are guidelines only and may differ for different models of water chiller. Please contact us if you require any assistance.


1. Disconnect the power from the laser tool and associated equipment.

2. Remove the fill cap from the water chiller.

3. Use a bottle brush to clean inside the water reservoir through the fill cap. Avoid dropping any objects into the reservoir as this will damage the system.

4. Make a note of the hoses connected to the water inlet and outlet.

5. Put the towel underneath the position where the two water hoses connect to the laser machine.

6. Remove the inlet and outlet hoses on the laser machine.

7.Place the outlet hose into the empty bucket.

8. Place the inlet hose into the container of distilled water.

9. Switch on the water chiller. Ensure all other equipment is switched off. This will draw water from the container, flush through the system and get collected in the bucket.

10. Once the water is coming out clear the flush is complete and you can switch of the chiller. Monitor the filling container throughout the procedure to ensure it does not become empty.

11. Reconnect the inlet and outlet water hoses.


12. Turn the equipment back on and allow the chiller to circulate water for 5 minutes before using the laser cutting equipment

3D Printed Carbon Fibre Parts On A Mini Electric Pacesetter

Carbon Fibre Printed Spoiler's Using S&A Water Chillers

Well this is something a bit eye-catching, isn't it?

Yes, the Mini Electric Pacesetter inspired by JCW, but also one of the biggest 3D Printers in the UK!

This Formula E Safety car, 130kg lighter than the standard Mini Cooper SE version, was premiered at the Rome E-Prix back in April last year. But what is the significance of this and our company we hear you ask?

Challenged by #MINI, Distributed Additive Manufacturing (DAM) London were the masterminds behind taking on the project of reducing weight yet keeping the car's integrity high enough that it would cope on the track. #Megacold distributed the S&A water chiller that is now keeping this printer cool 24/7. Their 3D Printer was tasked to print the carbon fibre parts for the Mini including spats, spoiler, parts of the interior and wheel arches.

An S&A water chillers capabilities of keeping a tooling machine running at a regulated temperature helped to achieve the final results here. It's great to know the projects our customers are involved in and how they use the #waterchiller!

Watch the 3 design highlights video on YouTube:


#3DPrinting #MINIElectric #JCW #MINI

Newly acquired site in Ireland to facilitate the production of PFA assemblies

Newly acquired site in Ireland

Megatech Limited has been servicing customers in Europe for many years, and 6 years ago established Megatech Europe Ltd. operating out of a shared facility in Dublin. In the Summer of 2022 the company purchased and relocated to a new site in Baldonnell Business Units which allows an expansion of the services offered to the Semiconductor industry and its customers.

The new site’s open day saw colleagues and invited customers gather to celebrate this milestone. Established in 1973, this is the latest stride along the group’s road map as they approach their 50th Anniversary in 2023.

When asked what the new premises means for Megatech Europe, Quentin Jones, Managing Director of QATCO Limited (Parent company) comments,

“Megatech has been operating in Europe for the past fifty years, and out of Dublin for the past six. The opening of the new facility here in Baldonnell enables us to design and develop new products for our customers.”

“We’ve built an ISO class seven cleanroom facility so we have the capacity for building PFA fluid polymer assemblies such as valve manifold boxes, we can also do repair work to existing valves and components that are used within the Semiconductor industry”.

Continuing to service this industry efficiently has been instrumental to the growth of Megatech Europe Ltd. Unit C3 will help facilitate the group’s expansion into custom-built polymer assemblies alongside the existing PFA tube cutting and spooling production.

The newly built cleanroom will house the production of the new product line, Megatech Systems, for the UK and European markets initially, which will be launched at SEMICON Europa in November.

Megatech exhibiting at European Microelectronics and Packaging Exhibition

Megatech exhibiting at European Microelectronics and Packaging Exhibition (EMPC)

We are delighted to announce that Megatech Limited will be exhibiting at the European Microelectronics and Packaging Exhibition (EMPC) in Cambridge from September 11th to 14th. This prestigious event is a must for everyone in the industry, and we're delighted to be taking part and sharing our latest products with you.

EMPC is recognized as one of the leading events of the year in the field of microelectronics and packaging. It brings together the brightest minds, researchers, engineers and companies shaping the future of technology. The conference provides an exceptional platform to explore emerging trends, exchange innovative ideas and discuss the critical challenges facing our industry.

For Megatech Limited, this event is of particular importance. As the UK's only semiconductor distributor, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance, energy efficiency and sustainability of our solutions. EMPC offers us a unique opportunity to share our expertise, showcase our latest technological advances and interact with other industry thought leaders.

At EMPC, we'll be proud to showcase our cutting-edge solutions that address critical industry issues. We look forward to discussing with you the benefits of our products and how they can help strengthen your market position.

We warmly invite our customers, partners, and all technology enthusiasts to visit us at our table top #1 at EMPC.

Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of microelectronics and packaging at EMPC 2023 in Cambridge from September 11 to 14.