Flushing the water chillers

Flushing the water chiller

This is a simple procedure to flush the process water loop on your S&A chiller. To perform this task the following equipment will be required:

 • An empty bucket

 • Distilled or demineralized water

 • A towel

 • A bottle brush


Frequency: This task can be performed on an annual basis or sooner if the water chiller shows signs of algae in the reservoir.

Please familiarize yourself with these instructions before starting the procedure. These are guidelines only and may differ for different models of water chiller. Please contact us if you require any assistance.


1. Disconnect the power from the laser tool and associated equipment.

2. Remove the fill cap from the water chiller.

3. Use a bottle brush to clean inside the water reservoir through the fill cap. Avoid dropping any objects into the reservoir as this will damage the system.

4. Make a note of the hoses connected to the water inlet and outlet.

5. Put the towel underneath the position where the two water hoses connect to the laser machine.

6. Remove the inlet and outlet hoses on the laser machine.

7.Place the outlet hose into the empty bucket.

8. Place the inlet hose into the container of distilled water.

9. Switch on the water chiller. Ensure all other equipment is switched off. This will draw water from the container, flush through the system and get collected in the bucket.

10. Once the water is coming out clear the flush is complete and you can switch of the chiller. Monitor the filling container throughout the procedure to ensure it does not become empty.

11. Reconnect the inlet and outlet water hoses.


12. Turn the equipment back on and allow the chiller to circulate water for 5 minutes before using the laser cutting equipment