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The Megacold Water Vapour Cryopump Range

Our own-brand, Megacold, are the most cost effective addition to an existing vacuum system or as part of a vacuum pumping solution for new systems. It can dramatically reduce pump down times and significantly improve product quality and throughput. In production this means more cycles per day.

Typically 50-100% throughput improvements are achievable. Megacold products work on the principle of Meissner trapping, whereby water vapour is captured by condensing onto a cryogenically cooled surface (a cryocoil) that is placed inside the vacuum chamber so pumping is not limited by pumping ports.

The Megacold range is controlled by an industry standard PLC with a touchscreen local interface for ease of use and graphing of current or historic data. It has a full set of remote options. The equipment is available in a range of configurations including single & dual output cooling circuits giving independent control over a cryocoil and baffle.

What are the stand out features & benefits?

  • The Megacold offers the fastest water vapour pumping speeds on the market, boasting almost 400,000 litres per second and cool down times of less than four minutes.
  • Backed by years of rigorous testing, we have designed and developed the cryopump for 2/47 production environments using only the most reliable components.
  • The 10-inch touchscreen display includes time stamped fault-finding intelligence, allowing for remote diagnostics with our service engineers.
  • With patented refrigerant technology, offering the lowest environmental impact in the market, the Megacold’s are ready for installation with its unique plug and play compatibility.
  • 50-100% increase in water vapour pumping speeds allow you to increase the production cycles per day of downstream

  • Gasless design dramatically reduces the running cost as the self-contained unit required no consumables to operate;
  • Remote configuration and monitoring allow you to setup and maintain the cryopump from a central location, reducing on-site time.

Megacold in America

Megacold has an established global service network providing rapid support from local engineers.

But what exactly is a cryopump?

The Megacold is a cryogenic closed loop refrigeration system used to capture water vapour in a vacuum system. Generally, pumps are not very effective at removing moisture and can be limited by the pumping port size. By using the Megacold, pumpdown speed is improved as well as the ultimate vacuum level achieved.

They are used across a range of applications to improve product quality and process speed by allowing more production runs within a day. Industries include thin-film, semiconductor, automotive, medical, ophthalmic, food & beverage, aerospace, and defence. Examples of the applications include the production of car headlights, food packaging, and jet engines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

How a cryopump works.

  • After rough pumping a vacuum system, the Megacold circulates refrigerant through the cryocoil producing temperature as low as -140 in a matter of minutes.
  • Water vapour molecules and other condensable substances are captured by the cryocoil.
  • Once the vacuum process is complete, the chamber is vented to atmospheric conditions and the Megacold is rapidly defrosted releasing the water vapour.

Selection and application.

Selecting and sizing the appropriate model for the application is dependent on many variables. Based on our years of experience we have established some baseline principles to simplify this task. Typically, when adding water vapour pumping on an open load system, pump down times are reduced in the range 50-75%. To accomplish this, we take existing Water Vapour Pumping speed of the pumping system (in chamber) and multiply by a minimum factor of 4. Taking this value we are able to determine the cryocoil surface area. Knowing the ultimate vacuum level of the process chamber we can look up the coil temperature required from the featured table. Now knowing the temperature required we can determine the cooling capacity required and select the appropriate model. Allowances may need to be made for any additional heat sources within the chamber or if the Cryopump is placed a significant distance from the vacuum chamber.

MegaCold™ 12AMegaCold™ 20AMegaCold™ 32AMegaCold™ 50A
Power requirements

380v - 460v, 50/60Hz

Maximum power (KW)9.711.714.118.1
Electric current (A)17.7212431
Theoretical max pumping speed (l/s)89,400149,000238,400372,500
Conservative Pump Speed (l/s)60,000100,000160,000250,000
Maximum Cooling Capacity (w)1,5002,1003,2004,000
Cryocoil Tube Length (M)12203250
Cryocoil Surface m20.611.62.5
Pre-Cooling Time (Min)


Cooling Time (Min)<3<3<4<5
Defrost Time (Min)<3<3<3;<3
Return Cooled (Min)----<5<5
Cooling water max flow (l/min)25304255
RefrigerantEnvironmental mixed refrigerant

HFC blend

Control Systems

PLC + touch-screen interface

Dimensions A x B x C (mm)750 x 850 x 1550750 x 950 x 1650

Download a Megacold Specification Sheet 

Megacold 20A

Megacold 32A

Megacold 50A

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